About the Program

The Youth Focus Mentoring Program supports young people aged 12 to 25 who may be experiencing early signs associated with suicide, depression, anxiety and self-harm. Mentors are carefully assessed, chosen and up-skilled to provide positive role modelling while assisting the young person to develop and enhance skills in some of the following areas:

  • Self-esteem
  • Communication
  • Goal setting
  • Social skills
  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving

Matched relationships are on an individual basis and a mentor will only be matched with one young person at any given time.



Youth Focus is committed to ensuring its mentors are equipped with the required skills to be matched in a mentoring relationship. Before becoming Youth Focus mentors, applicants must complete two days of education which equips the prospective mentors with the knowledge and skills to be positive role models to their matched young person, as well as specific education in understanding youth mental health, self-harm and suicide. Those who successfully complete these two days are invited to a final graduation night where Youth Focus’ Mentoring Program Policies and Procedures are explained, attendees are then added to the pool of mentors eligible for matching with a young person.



Once matched in a relationship, the commitment of the mentor is for 12 months. Mentors meet with mentees on a fortnightly basis at a day and time suitable to both mentor and young person and the length of catch up is dependent on the chosen activity. Activities should be focused around ensuring conversation and interaction between the mentor and young person so as to build the relationship and develop trust.

Mentors are matched to a young person depending on the young persons needs and location. Matches not be immediate so it is expected that mentors look beyond the next 12 months for availability for a relationship.



Youth Focus mentors must be at least 21 years of age, and must not have a family member currently employed with, or accessing clinical services from Youth Focus.

Applicants undertake a rigorous screening and training process to become mentors and are supported by the Youth Programs Coordinators whilst they are a Youth Focus mentor, whether in an active relationship or waiting to be matched.


2017 Intake Dates

Applicants must attend and adhere to and attend all of the following dates and sessions in order to become Youth Focus mentors:

Friday 29 September Application Forms Due Via email
Tuesday 10 October, 5.30pm Information Session Youth Focus, Burswood
Monday 16 October Written References Due Via email
Monday – Friday 30 October – 10 November Interviews Held Youth Focus, Burswood
Monday – Friday 30 October – 10 November Phone References Completed Youth Focus, Burswood
Saturdays 25 November and 2 December Training x 2 days Youth Focus, Burswood
Wednesday 13 December, 5.30pm Graduation Youth Focus, Burswood