Learn more about mental health advocate and Youth Reference Group member, Lily

1. Why did you become involved in the Youth Reference Group?
I was forwarded an email regarding the Youth Reference Group at a time when I was recuperating from the mental stress of year 12. It was something I not only wanted to do to contribute in helping young people cope with difficult times, but also for helping myself become more involved in a community program and being a part of a bigger picture. Joining the Youth Reference Group seemed to be a good way to get involved and start to make a difference.

2. What’s the best thing about being a member of the Youth Reference Group?
I love being able to contribute and plan events. So far, I have helped organised the SuperheroYOUth festival. Being able to put forth my ideas and know that I have actively contributed to create something fantastic for young people is a great feeling.

3. Where do you see Youth Focus in five years?
I’d love to see a more collaborative community-focused side. It would be great to enhance community engagement and get people talking about ways to cope and push through mental struggles. I think there’s already such great work done to remove the barrier of talking about mental struggles, but it would be great if actual coping mechanisms and counselling techniques that help people heal as part of a community, or alone, could be more common knowledge and more widely taught.


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